Xbox left in the cold?!

Mojang to finally add Mod feature to Minecraft – ?

Lead Developer on the 25-million-registered-users game Minecraft, Jeb, has finally revealed that they are imminently adding a Mod API to Minecraft. Of course, this means one thing for those waiting for it to come to Xbox – jealousy.

If there’s one thing that the Xbox and other consoles don’t do, it’s straightforward modding. Just as the PC crowd are seeing easier and better integration of mods into their gaming experience via Steam’s Steamworks mod system, console owners are probably wondering when they’ll be able to see modding.

To give a somewhat depressing answer – probably never, without hacking the console itself, which puts you in a legally actionable and bannable position, as far as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are concerned. It’s a shame, as mod content really does help expand games beyond what they were capable of delivering to the player at release, and watching new content find its way down your broadband line into your computer is a glorious feeling.

For those waiting to play Minecraft on the Xbox however, all is not lost – it seems like it’ll have a console-optimised user interface, and all the content of vanilla (unmodded) Minecraft, which means hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of building, mining, fighting, exploring and crafting lie in wait for the player who wants a game to be a little different from Call of Duty.

If there’s anything the next Xbox needs, it’s the ability to have player-made content like those found on be a little more accessible. Sony have taken a step in the right direction with player-made-content-focused games like LittleBigPlanet and Modnation Racers, but it would be great to see a few titles in the realm of Microsoft that allow people to not only create and share content, but actually bring mod content onto one of the best console lines around. For now, we wait in hope.


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